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The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) is now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023-2024. In order to apply for any of the following 8 postgraduate programmes, you must create an account by completing the information below.


  1. MSc in Molecular Medicine (13 months Full-Time, 24 months Part-Time)
  2. MSc in Medical Genetics (13 months Full-Time, 24 months Part-Time)
  3. MSc in Neuroscience (13 months Full-Time, 24 months Part-Time)
  4. MSc in Biotechnology (13 months Full-Time, 24 months Part-Time)
  5. MSc in Biomedical Research (2 years Full-Time, 3 years Part-Time)
  6. PhD in Molecular Medicine (min. 4 years Full-Time)
  7. PhD in Medical Genetics (min. 4 years Full-Time)
  8. PhD in Neuroscience (min. 4 years Full-Time)

For enquiries please contact the Education Office: [email protected] or/and +35722392840/841/842/843/844.

Deadline for the MSc Applications: June 30th 2023, noon

Deadline for the PhD Applications: May 10th 2023, noon


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